Isaiah 3:12 Your Leaders lead you Astray.

Isa 3:12 “Children will oppress my people. Women will rule them. My people, your guides mislead you, and you don’t know which way to go.”

Notes: Youths oppress my people.   Inexperienced young people rebelliously push the people of God in a direction opposite to what the LORD has commanded. They force the older people to do wicked things that are against the LORD and His Word. “Or it may mean that the “character” of the princes and rulers was that of inexperienced children, unqualified for government.” Barnes Notes

Women will rule them. v.12c. God’s design for women was to be helpmeets and supports and for Men to be the Heads of Families and cities. Often when men failed to step into the leadership role then women like Deborah took up the baton and made wise leaders. 

My people, your guides mislead you, and you don’t know which way to go.”   Those who should have been leading them into God’s Blessing and the way of righteousness were leading them astray. They were confused and did not know the right path to take.

Barnes Comments “

They which lead thee – Hebrew “They who bless thee, or call thee blessed.” (See the margin.) This refers, doubtless, to the public teachers, and the false prophets, who “blessed” or flattered the people, and who promised them safety in their sins.
Cause thee to err – Lead you astray; or lead you into sin and danger.
And destroy – Hebrew “Swallow up.”

The go the wrong way and force you to follow them.

Image result for Picture of sinful leaders
Walid Shoebat Christian Commentator
150 Evangelical Leaders Affirm: ‘It Is Sinful to Approve of Homosexual Immorality’

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