Isaiah 4:5-6 A Promise of Protection and a Hiding Place.

Isa 4:5 The LORD will create a cloud of smoke during the day and a glowing flame of fire during the night over the whole area of Mount Zion and over the assembly. His glory will cover everything.
Isa 4:6 It will be a shelter from the heat during the day as well as a refuge and hiding place from storms and rain.

Isa 4:5 The LORD will create……

(וּבָרָא) (“and He creates”) distinctly affirms. The verb bârâh always denotes a divine and miraculous production, having its commencement in time; for even the natural is also supernatural in its first institution by God. In the case before us, however, the reference is to a fresh manifestation of His gracious presence, exalted above the present course of nature. This manifestation would consist by day in “a cloud,” and as the hendiadys “cloud and smoke” (i.e., cloud in form and smoke in substance) distinctly affirms, a smoke-cloud, not a watery cloud, like those which ordinarily cover the sky; and by night in a fiery splendour, not merely a lingering fiery splendour like that of the evening sky, but, as the words clearly indicate, a flaming brightness (lehâbâh ), and therefore real and living fire. K&D’s Commentary on the OT.

v.5.b. “a cloud of smoke during the day and a glowing flame of fire during the night over the whole area of Mount Zion and over the assembly.” This Divine Protection was similar to the Presence of God over the Tabernacle in thew wilderness enroute from Egypt.

Exo 13:21 By day the LORD went ahead of them in a column of smoke to lead them on their way. By night he went ahead of them in a column of fire to give them light so that they could travel by day or by night.
Exo 13:22 The column of smoke was always in front of the people during the day. The column of fire was always there at night.

What a symbol of His Constant Presence. “Over all the Glory will be a canopy.” a canopy chuppah : a chamber; a  closet; a defense. God sustains all he creates and he sent His Glory as a  protection. Originally this protection was lost when they sinned in the Garden , then  they realised they were naked.

Notes on verse 6. It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day.

shelter :sukkah (H5521 thicket, cover, booth) KJv has tablenacle or (portable tent) for protection and worship –

a place of refuge  from the storm and rain   – a Covert place of retreat and Shelter.

Application: The Glory of the presence of God in our lives is meant to be a shelter and a place of worship ad retreat. Do you meet with God daily in your shelter or sukkah?

Image result for Missionaries Elvin and Phyllis Lee

The Godly Missionaries to the Congo, Elvin and Phillis Lee built a little thatched roof shelter or room on its own for prayer and waiting on God. The Africans knew if they were in their “sukkah” that they were unavailable to answer their request. They were alone with God. This Godly couple saw two real Revivals in the Congo where thousand came to Christ and prayer meetings were held every night. May you find your shelter where you can meet with the Lord of Glory.

Image result for congolese thatched hut
Congolese  thatched hut

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