Isaiah 5:3-4 The Love-song continued

Isa 5:3 Now then, you inhabitants of Jerusalem and Judah, judge between me and my vineyard!
Isa 5:4 What more could have been done for my vineyard than what I have already done for it? When I waited for it to produce good grapes, why did it produce only sour, wild grapes?


God invites the Jews of Judah and Jerusalem to Judge between Himself and the Vineyard. K&D’s Commentary says “The fact that the prophet speaks as if he were the beloved himself, shows at once who the beloved must be. The beloved of the prophet and the lover of the prophet (yâdid and dōd) were Jehovah, with whom he was so united by a union mystica exalted above all earthly love, that, like the angel of Jehovah in the early histories, he could speak as if he were Jehovah Himself (see especially Zec_2:12-13). To any one with spiritual intuition, therefore, the parabolical meaning and object of the song would be at once apparent; and even the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the men of Judah (yoosheeb and iish are used collectively, as in Isa_8:14; Isa_9:8; Isa_22:21, cf., Isa_20:6) were not so stupefied by sin, that they could not perceive to what the prophet was leading. It was for them to decide where the guilt of this unnatural issue lay – that is to say, of this thorough contradiction between the “doing” of the vineyard and the “doing” of the Lord; that instead of the grapes he hoped for, it brought forth wild grapes.

Notes V.4. Following v.2 God had done all He could for te jews to make them HOLY and HAPPY. Remember His promises and His Presence right there in the temple at Jerusalem and His Kindnesses to them. No other people had ever had such a thing happen to them. “They were His Chosen People, He had given them His Law, The prophets and Great Kings to lead them. Could He have done any more for them? What an appeal?

Why did His vineyard only produce sour or wild Grapes.

Image result for photo of sour grapes

Man tastes the sour grapes stock image. Image of tasting – 38304597Dreamstime.comMan tastes the sour grapes

Similarly God has done all He can for the Salvation of mankind. He sent His one and only Son to die on a cruel Cross so that they may be reconciled to Him. God was expecting good fruit from the Finished Work of salvation but all He gets is wild grapes which are sour and inedible. What about eternal Hell – Men still wilfully go there despite all God has done to loveingly draw them to Himself.

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