Isaiah 5:21 Watch out those who think they are clever and wise.

Isa 5:21 How horrible it will be for those who think they are wise and consider themselves to be clever.

those who think they are wise .   

They are inflated with their own ‘ego’ i.e a false opinion of themselves and their own knowledge of the situation. They are overly self-confident and vain.

Pro 3:7 Do not consider yourself wise. Fear the LORD, and turn away from evil. To be wise in your own eyes (or in your own opinion or estimation) Know-alls consider that they are cleverer than others. They are self-conceited. This was a very bad characteristic of the generation in which Isaiah lived, especially of the Jews of His day.

Gabriel Schwerin saved to I am a Jew
  1. It fostered PRIDE and
  2. It rendered them unwilling to be instructed, especially by Prophets like Isaiah.
  3. They thought they were wise enough and so, they would not listen to others.

a false estimate of human  wisdom leads to PRIDE. True wisdom comes down from the ‘Father of Lights’

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